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If you are planning to do any winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, then make sure this is included in your insurance. If is isn’t then you should be able to pay an additional premium to have it included. Check the amount of days you can do Winter Sports, as there is usually a limit on this, and there can also be age restrictions.

Once winter comes and Winter Sports kicks, sometimes people won’t even get on the slopes as they have had an accident getting off the coach ! 

Many people travel by coach, train or car through Europe or take a flight.

If you injure yourself whilst on your holiday, you may need extra help to get home. Obtain a fit to fly letter in case you are asked for one by the airline ( if you are travelling by plane of course ! ).

Check with the airline if you can travel with them. Jet2, for example will not let you fly if you cannot bend your knee.

Obtain or renew your GHIC card for travelling in Europe as it is still accepted in many countries and can cover emergency medical expenses. In France it only covers 80% of the emergency medical costs, so this is why you should purchase travel insurance. The GHIC also does not cover repatriation if you needed it.

Fit to Fly Letter – Accepted by some airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair. Other airlines may need medical clearance for you to fly, so always check. You can be refused boarding by the airline. Some airlines can take up to 48 hours to grant clearance to travel. so don’t leave it until the last minute !

Your emergency assistance provider appointed by your travel insurance can apply for medical clearance on your behalf.

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