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What’s the difference between annual multi trip and single trip insurance?

A single trip insurance is just that, an insurance that will cover the dates selected for your trip when purchasing your insurance and cover that 1 single trip.

Multi trip insurance – known an Annual Multi Trip insurance, will cover multiple trips within the start and end date of your insurance. It does not cover you to travel for a whole year ! 

There will be a trip limit on your insurance which could range from 31 days per trip up to 45, 90 or 180 days depending on the cover you have purchased. Check your policy as there also can be restrictions on the number of days covered depending on your age.

Age restrictions can also apply to some sports and activities or winter sports.

You may have a question about policy excess, activities or sports, free treatment abroad, reciprocal health agreements , flight cancellations or delays, lost luggage and how to claim. Have a look through our pages, and complete the contact form, if you have a question that has not been answered.

We also cover medical screening, and medical clearance, and Emergency Medical Assistance as well.