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If something happens and you need to claim through your travel insurance policy the details of who to contact should be written in your policy wording. This would be known as the Claims Handler. It might not be the Insurer that will handle your claim with regards to any reimbursement. They may use another company to handle their claims.

Claims Handler

The claims handler is the one that will handle reimbursement of covered costs under your policy. Most policies have a policy excess , unless you have added on an excess waiver.


Remember to keep receipts, as you will need these if you want to claim back expenses incurred as a result of a claim. Not all expenses may be covered, so check

The policy wording will detail each section of the policy and show what is covered, and also what is excluded from cover, so check your policy to see what additional expenses may be covered in the event of a claim such as the following :-

  • Cattery / Kennel Fees
  • Additional car parking charges
  • Phone calls
  • Transport costs
  • Additional accommodation

It is the insureds responsibility to provide the documents to support any claim being made.

You may have a question about policy excess, activities or sports, motorbikes & driving abroad free treatment abroad, reciprocal health agreements , flight cancellations or delays, lost luggage and how to claim. Have a look through our pages, and complete the contact form, if you have a question that has not been answered.

We also cover medical screening, and medical clearance, and Emergency Medical Assistance and Wheelchair Assistance as well.

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