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What is medical clearance ?

If you have been unwell and wish to travel via an airline, you may need to apply for medical clearance, if you need extra seats or wheelchair assistance.

What does this mean ?

It means the airline has to review the information regarding your recent illness or injury and their medical department has to clear you to travel on their airline.

How can I get medical clearance ?

Your insurance company should be able to assist with this. You may need the get a form completed by the doctor that has treated your illness / injury , so be sure to contact your airline to see what they need.

You may need to change flights if you are not well enough or not fly to fly on your scheduled return.

If your flights cannot be changed then you may need to purchase new flights.

Some airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair will normally accept a Fit to Fly letter.

British Airways

They normally require medical clearance if you are booking extra seats, or need an upgrade. Their Medical Clearance department is open from Monday to Friday from 8am until 4pm, closed over the weekend.


Medical Clearance department is open every day from 6am until 10.30pm

The airlines normally require 48 hours to complete a medical clearance request, but it sometimes can be granted within that 48 hour period.

Jet 2 Mobility Assistance

If you cannot bend your leg Jet 2 will not let you fly with them, as you need to be able to have your foot on the floor for take off and landing. Also if you have had surgery, you would need to wait 10 days before you can travel with them. You can book mobility assistance by phone on 0800 408 5591.


Normally they require a treating doctor signed medif or MVS. Minimum 48 hours for clearance.

You may have a question about policy excess, activities or sports, free treatment abroad, reciprocal health agreements , flight cancellations or delays, lost luggage and how to claim. Have a look through our pages, and complete the contact form, if you have a question that has not been answered.

We also cover medical screening, and Emergency Medical Assistance as well.

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