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Travel Insurance Questions and Information – If you are planning to use a motorbike abroad whilst using your travel insurance, check you are able to drive/ ride the motorbike you are hiring / using. Check your licence before you travel. Unless you have had your licence since 2001, then you cannot ride a moped 50cc etc or above unless you have taken your CBT ( Compulsory Basic Training ) in the UK.

Check the different categories – DVLA / Driving Licence Categories

Insurers are strict about cover if you are not permitted to drive/ ride the vehicle/ motorbike you have rented.

Remember to get a rental agreement and double check your driving licence when renting overseas.

Just because you have a license to drive a car it does NOT automatically entitle you to ride a moped or higher cc motorbike.

You may have a question about policy excess, activities or sports, motorbikes & driving abroad free treatment abroad, reciprocal health agreements , flight cancellations or delays, lost luggage and how to claim. Have a look through our pages, and complete the contact form, if you have a question that has not been answered.

We also cover medical screening, and medical clearance, and Emergency Medical Assistance and Wheelchair Assistance as well.

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