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Flight Cancellation

Some airlines will also offer accommodation following flight cancellation if you have to stay overnight and travel the next day instead, but not all. You may to arrange a new flight / accommodation yourself and then claim it back.

Can I claim for flight cancellation ?

If the airline cancels your flight, then it is the usually the responsibility of the airline to arrange a new flight to get you to your destination.

What happens if my flight is delayed, can I get compensation?

That would depend on the reason for the delay or cancellation of the flight. You are only entitled to claim compensation if the delay or cancellation was within the airline’s control.

You can claim up to €600 Back When Your Flight is Delayed in Europe – EU261 Regulation – The delay will have a specific reason, and if this extraordinary (due to weather or Force Majeure ) then you will NOT normally receive any compensation for the flight delay / cancellation.

Force Majeure – this means unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract.

Force Majeure events can include fire, storms, floods, civil unrest, strikes, war, and invasion.

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We also cover medical screening, and medical clearance, and Emergency Medical Assistance as well.

Lost Luggage

Lost luggage can be quite an ordeal if you find yourself arriving on holiday, but your luggage or baggage does not.

What should I do if I my luggage is lost?

It is usual to complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with the handling agent if your luggage does not arrive, or is missing when you go to retrieve it from the luggage belt. This should be done before you leave the airport, as trying to do this after you have left with a damaged suitcase / item may not be possible. The rep for the company you are traveling with may be able to assist you, if there is one.

Iberia / Luggage Tracer Link


What do I do if my luggage is lost or delayed?

Complete a Property Irregularity Report and then calling the number on the form. For the first 5 days of baggage tracing, please contact the airport where you reported your baggage as missing.

If your luggage has been damaged, please go to to raise a claim or call them on 01279 813000 and select Option 2. Calls are charged as local rate per minute plus network extras.

Making a claim
TUI have limited liability in cases of delayed delivery and lost or damaged baggage under the Montreal Convention, so you may wish to make a claim through your travel insurance provider. You cannot claim from both your travel insurance provider and the airline.

Easyjet Lost Damaged or Delayed Luggage

If your bag is missing Easyjet will ask you to complete a Delayed Baggage Report at their Baggage Services desk in the Arrivals hall. They will normally use the WorldTracer system, and keep you updated via email and sms on its progress. You can also track your bag online using WorldTracer or you can contact the Baggage Services team directly at the airport.

If they have not found your bag within five days you can contact the Baggage Tracing team via email: or call on +44 (0)333 577 7070.

For any loss, damage or delay to your baggage you must in the first instance advise the ground handling staff at your arrival airport and complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). If your baggage is delayed, they will try to find your baggage for 5 days and will provide you with their local telephone contact number.

If your baggage has still not been found after 5 days, Central Baggage Services will take over the responsibility of looking for your baggage. They can be contacted on the following numbers:

From within the UK: 0330 660 0815 (call charged at local rate)

From outside the UK: +370 523 63402 (local international rate)

This Call Centre is open 08:00 to 20:00hrs local UK time.

In addition, you will need to write to the address below enclosing a copy of the completed PIR, baggage tag receipt and original purchase receipts (to evidence the age and value of the item), within 7 days for damaged baggage and within 21 days for delayed or lost baggage.

Customer Care Team
PO Box 284
LS11 1GE